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Visual Development For A Positive Focus


Are you looking for a cooperative, considerate and passionate team to work with on positive based projects?
Are you a passionate, self-motivated artist who believes they could contribute to the team in a positive way?
Are you interested in taking on occasional or steady projects as demand calls for your talents and abilities (freelance model)?
If so, Positive Vis Dev might be the team for you!


Cloud-Based, On-Demand Model.

Positive Vis Dev looks to take advantage of the modern age and the internet, being able to work as a functional, productive, high-quality team, regardless of location. Projects may be shared and worked on from cloud based storage, while communication is held and updated through email, phone and video chat.

Positive Vis Dev enjoys this approach, as it may help form a coherent team and enjoyable lifestyle that otherwise may not have been possible.

*Constant, ongoing work is not currently guaranteed and this team is only recommended to freelancers or those interested in transitioning into becoming a freelancer.*

Dynamic Team Organization.

Positive Vis Dev recognizes that each individual may have their own areas of interests, their own cultivated skills and areas in which they wish to improve. Positive Vis Dev is interested in arranging individual tasks into a team dynamic that allows for the production of high-quality, satisfying work for the clients, while still allowing an enjoyable process that allows each artist to contribute and further develop themself.

Encouraging Inspiration And Exploration

Positive Vis Dev encourages the inspiration and excitement of an artist. Rather than sticking to a single, machine-like pipeline, Positive Vis Dev allows artists to trust their instincts. Positive Vis Dev believes in developing pipelines and methodologies that work for them and adjusting these methodologies on-the-fly when needed.

A Positive Environment

Positive Vis Dev is passionate about cultivating a work environment that is positive, enjoyable and enthusiastic. Positive Vis Dev cares about all of those involved and growing as an integrated, coherent and happy team.


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